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Provide tungsten carbide CNC machining services and customize precision carbide parts for CNC. China company, low-priced and high-quality, high precision.

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Carbide CNC processing is a crucial aspect of carbide manufacturing. It is commonly used to process various carbide products such as wire drawing dies, tungsten bearings, tungsten carbide nozzles, and more. Carbide CNC processing is particularly useful for processing internal and external special-shaped features such as large curved surfaces, R angles, and C angles marked on the drawing.

For high-precision carbide parts, we rely on Hardinge CNC machines to support our processing needs.

Our factory business: carbide parts, mold parts, medical injection molds, precision injection molds, teflon PFA injection molding. email: [email protected],whatsapp:+8618638951317.

Hardinge CNC

Carbide CNC processing has the following strengths.

  • Our carbide machining process ensures stable processing quality, high processing accuracy, and high repetition accuracy, making it suitable for both batch and small-scale production.
  • The number of required tools is significantly reduced, and there is no need for complex tooling when processing parts with complex shapes.
  • In the case of multi-variety and small-batch production, our process increases production efficiency and reduces processing costs.
  • Our process can handle complex profiles that are difficult to process using conventional methods.

Carbide CNC processing has the following weaknesses.

At Yize Mould, we mainly process high-precision cemented carbide products. However, the tolerance requirements for such products can sometimes be difficult to achieve through CNC machining alone, and there may be a risk of high scrap rates. To address this issue, we use a combination of CNC machining and electric discharge machining to achieve the required tolerances and ensure high-quality results. By using this approach, we are able to reduce the unit price of our products while maintaining the required quality standards.

For some high-requirement carbide parts, we use Takisawa CNC lathes to control the budget.

takisawa cnc lathe

How to improve the efficiency and quality of CNC machining carbide?

Before conducting carbide CNC processing, we prioritize quality and efficiency by implementing quality control measures.

  • At our facility, we perform process planning, material preparation, and editing simultaneously. It is required to complete the roughing program before the material is finished.
  • Our CNC and milling machines prioritize processing time, machine utilization rate, delivery date, and processing time when scheduling operations. Parts cannot stay for more than 48 hours.
  • The processing program should be edited before the workpiece is transferred to the CNC department, and any necessary precautions should be marked. This should include requirements for cemented carbide CNC processing, delivery deadlines, and key points that need attention such as tolerance, surface smoothness, the risk of tool breakage, and clamping considerations.

For carbide parts with slightly lower precision requirements, we use Jingdiao CNC lathe machines to reduce costs.

jingdiao cnc

What standards does high-quality CNC machined carbide adhere to?

Our company ensures that the quality of our products meet the tolerance requirements specified in the drawings. In case of any non-marked tolerance, we follow our company’s standards to ensure the quality of our products.

  • The dimensions of our carbide parts must be controlled to be less than 0.01mm.
  • The product size and tolerance are determined based on the middle number.
  • When it comes to CNC processing, the tolerances for different directions of the same location should be controlled to be less than 0.005mm.
  • The forming position should not have any bell mouth or steps, and the sides of the groove should be straight.
  • The matching arc must be processed according to the specified tolerance, and the forming arc should be within 0.01.

How to carbide cnc machining quality control?

Reduce repairs and defective products flowing into the next process through the following self-inspection.

  • We check the groove and the center point of the hole from the zero position of the drawing to confirm whether they are eccentric.
  • The slots and holes are actually matched in accordance with the specifications of the drawings, and special-shaped slots require three-dimensional inspection.
  • We verify whether the hard alloy CNC finishing surface meets the smoothness requirements.
  • If there are any burrs on the cemented carbide CNC machining surface, they need to be cleaned before sending the product for the next process.
  • The drawing should include self-inspection data, and the processor’s signature is required.

Yize Mould was founded in 2007 and has extensive experience in carbide CNC machining. We use state-of-the-art equipment such as Hardinge CNC, Takisawa CNC lathe, and Jingdiao CNC lathe to provide cost-effective carbide machining solutions to our customers. Our expertise lies in achieving tight tolerances ranging from 0.02mm to 0.002mm for various parts. Please feel free to consult us with your drawings and requirements.