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Quality inspection workshop & equipment

  • Electrode Inspection

    Electrode Inspection

  • Three-coordinate Inspection

    Three-coordinate Inspection

  • Projector Inspection

    Projector Inspection

  • Fully equipped QC facility

    Fully equipped QC facility

  • Visual inspection

    Visual inspection

  • Microscope tool inspection

    Microscope tool inspection

Carbide quality report forms

We have a complete range of testing equipment for carbide parts and a team of skilled technicians to support it. Our testing capabilities include dimensions, angles, surface finish, hardness, cylindricity, roundness, concentricity, parallelism, and more. We follow strict testing procedures (as shown in the diagram below) to ensure accurate and reliable results, and we can provide customized reports to meet specific customer needs.

    Carbide quality report forms Carbide quality report forms

Carbide quality report forms

The attached document shows our company's general carbide product testing report. We conduct testing on all relevant parameters based on the markings on the drawings and record the data, which is then shipped together with the carbide parts.

    Carbide quality form

Quality Workshop Video