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Internal and external grinding

  • Can wire EDM make holes?

    Yes, it can be used for drilling, typically employed for processing tiny holes. It is applied in drilling holes in tool steel, high-speed steel, and carbide. Our company uses oil […]


  • Is grinding carbide dangerous?

    Grinding carbide is not dangerous if done by professionals. For individuals without operational experience, training in the operation of grinding machines is necessary, as any mechanical operation has certain risks. […]


  • How to dress a carbide grinding wheel?

    I. Overview of dressing techniques for Superabrasive grinding wheels Superabrasive grinding wheels, due to their extremely high hardness, are difficult to dress using traditional methods. Therefore, various specialized dressing techniques […]


  • What are silicon carbide grinding wheels used for?

    I. Introduction to silicon carbide grinding wheels Silicon carbide grinding wheels, made of silicon carbide abrasives and binders, are widely used in the grinding industry due to their high hardness, […]


  • carbide grinding
  • What is carbide grinding?

    Carbide grinding typically refers to the processing of carbide using grinding machines. It can also indicate the carbide tools used on the grinding machines, such as carbide grinding heads, carbide […]


  • carbide hole grind
  • How to grind tungsten carbide holes?

    Tungsten carbide, with its hardness reaching 85° to 90° HRA and excellent wear resistance, has become a commonly used material in the field of mold processing. However, grinding tungsten carbide […]


  • Surface grinder grinding
  • How to grinding carbide with surface grinder?

    A surface grinder is a precision machining tool widely used in industrial production, especially suitable for grinding materials with high hardness, such as tungsten carbide. This article introduces how to […]


  • How to grinding tungsten carbide?

    Tungsten carbide, known for its high hardness and high density, is an ideal material for manufacturing tools like cutting tools and molds. Due to its extreme hardness, the process of […]


  • EDM machining workshop
  • What is the difference between wire cut EDM and EDM?

    Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) and Wire Electrical Discharge Machining (Wire EDM) are two commonly used metal processing technologies. Although they are both based on the principle of electrical discharge, there […]


  • wire edm machining workshop
  • What is edm wire cutting?

    Wire edm cutting technology, as a special processing technique, has been widely applied in mechanical manufacturing due to its high processing precision, high production efficiency, low power consumption, and low […]


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