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Internal and external grinding

Carbide Internal and external grinding

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The Carbide internal and external grinding machine shown in the picture below is used for processing parts with circular holes. This equipment can perform multi-faceted machining, including inner-outer circles, inner-outer end faces, and forward-back slopes, all at the same time. This results in more stable machining accuracy, effectively increasing the precision and processing range of the carbide parts being processed. Additionally, it ensures the concentricity and coaxiality of the inner and outer circles processed by the carbide.

Internal and external grinding

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As always, when it comes to carbide bushings, carbide bearings, and carbide cold heading dies, we prioritize high-quality standards, particularly in terms of concentricity. To achieve the desired level of precision, we employ internal and external grinding processing techniques.

Internal and external grinding product

Sometimes, when the tungsten carbide parts have exceptionally high precision requirements, we need to perform inspections after completing each process and conduct a comprehensive inspection in the final QC department. To ensure the quality of the tungsten carbide parts, we utilize three-coordinate inspection specifically for testing concentricity.

CMM quality detection

We offer the tungsten carbide parts test report

carbide CMM quality detection

Yizemould is a reputable factory specializing in the production of Carbide Internal and External Grinding Machines. We possess a wide range of cutting-edge tungsten grinding equipment, including CNC machines, EDM machines, WEDM machines, and polishing tools. Our factory provides customized processing services for various carbide products such as bushings, bearings, and cold heading dies. With our top-notch quality control equipment and experienced team, we guarantee exceptional results. Feel free to reach out to us for any inquiries or collaborations.

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