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Custom tungsten carbide parts with drawing. Precision tungsten carbide components machining, tolerance ±0.002mm. High quality, fast delivery.

  • What are carbide tools made of?

    Carbide tools include many products such as drill bits, blades, cutting tools, milling cutters, wear-resistant mechanical parts, and mold components. The manufacturing materials of carbide tools are classified based on […]


  • How are tungsten carbide parts made?

    Choice of Processing Methods For tungsten carbide products with complex shapes, we usually use sintering processing technology for shaping. This method allows for the production of complex shapes while maintaining […]


  • tungsten carbide rolls
  • Customized and application of tungsten carbide rolls

    Mill rolls are tools that induce plastic deformation in metals, and they are crucial consumable components that determine the efficiency and quality of rolled materials in rolling mills. They apply […]


  • Carbide Cnc
  • Carbide CNC

    Provide tungsten carbide CNC machining services and customize precision carbide parts for CNC. China company, low-priced and high-quality, high precision.


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