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Electroplating processing of high-speed steel, mold steel. Tungsten carbide coating, titanium coating, nickel coating, hard anodized coating.

  • carbide parts
  • What is carbide coating?

    Carbide coating can be understood in two ways: one is to cover a layer of carbide on the surface of other steel materials, and the other is to cover a […]


  • carbide inserts
  • Characteristics and applications of carbide tools coatings

    Carbide coatings are primarily used in cutting tools and possess the following characteristics: Coatings effectively enhance the wear resistance of carbides, reduce the friction coefficient between the workpiece and the […]


  • Introduction to surface coatings for carbide

    Carbide are primarily composed of tungsten carbide (WC) and titanium carbide (TiC) powders, with cobalt (Co) as the binder. They are manufactured through powder metallurgy by sintering in a vacuum […]


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