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Tungsten carbide inlay high-speed steel machining. Hydraulic press machining method, welding machining, 16 years, 130workers company in China.

  • Difference between high-speed steel vs high carbon steel

    The price of high carbon steel is cheap, the hardness of high-speed steel is higher, and the wear resistance of high-speed steel is better. High speed steel is used for […]


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  • The Difference between Tungsten Carbide and High-Speed Steel(HSS)

    Cheap factory. Tungsten carbide is made from metals such as tungsten, cobalt, carbon, and others, while high-speed steel is made from carbon steel with the addition of tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, chromium, and other metals.


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  • hydraulic press for carbide inlay hss

    Low-priced China manufacturer. Custom tungsten carbide inlaid HSS hydraulic processing supplier. Buy custom parts precision machining. High quality, fast delivery.


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