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Carbide machining questions and answers. Tungsten carbide machining services for various shapes, including holes, grooves, irregular shapes, arcs, etc.

  • How carbide inserts are made?

    Carbide inserts, known for their exceptional hardness, wear resistance, and heat resistance, play a significant role in various industries. From woodworking machinery to the electronics industry, the applications of carbide […]


  • machining carbide
  • Tungsten carbide machining process flow

    Tungsten carbide is widely used in various industrial sectors due to its exceptional hardness and wear resistance. Understanding its complex and precise processing workflow is crucial for professionals working in […]


  • What grinding wheel for carbide?

    To grind tungsten carbide use a diamond grinding wheel. Tungsten carbide is widely used for its hardness, wear resistance, and high-temperature resistance. However, these characteristics also make its machining quite […]


  • tungsten carbide grinding
  • Can you machine tungsten carbide with grinder?

    In the high-precision industrial manufacturing sector, tungsten carbide has become a key material due to its exceptional hardness and wear resistance. However, machining this material is quite challenging. This article […]


  • centerless grinding for carbide
  • How to machine tungsten carbide?

    Key machining methods for carbide. Simple Cutting of Carbide, Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining): For simple cutting of carbide, fast wire or medium wire cutting is utilized. Drilling and Shaping, […]


  • What is the best way to machine carbide?

    When it comes to machining carbide parts, selecting the best method is crucial. This choice not only affects cost and production efficiency but also relates to the final quality of […]


  • carbide parts
  • 3 methods for how to cut carbide.

    Carbide, a material known for its high hardness and strong wear resistance, requires appropriate cutting methods to improve efficiency and processing quality. This article will introduce three common cutting methods […]


  • cutting machining
  • Cutting carbide with pcd tools

    The characteristic of carbide material is its high hardness and brittleness. It is used as a tool material, mold, and other wear-resistant parts. Previously, the only method to process it […]


  • carbide-thread-parts
  • Tungsten Carbide Thread Machining

    Cheap factory. Tungsten carbide thread machining can be divided into internal threading and external threading. Internal threads can be achieved through EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) with a minimum diameter of 1.5mm or M2 thread, with a tolerance controlled within 0.01mm.


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