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Low-priced China company buy customize carbide round pins processing. Tungsten carbide round punch machining. High quality, fast delivery.

  • carbide punch pin
  • Machining of tungsten carbide needles with a diameter of 0.02mm

    Cheap factory. Our company specializes in machining ultra-fine tungsten carbide punch with a minimum diameter of 0.02mm, using tungsten steel rods with a diameter of 0.02mm. Tungsten steel punch are important components


  • tungsten carbide round needle
  • Roundness 0.001 detection jig for tungsten carbide round pins machining

    Cheap factory. When machining some mold components, we encounter small blind hole machining and have high requirements for the depth tolerance of the holes. In such cases, it is necessary to make a detection jig with tungsten carbide round pins


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