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Carbide wire drawing die

Customize carbide wire drawing die with drawing, Cost-effective, 16 years, 130workers, Precision tolerance ±0.001mm, high quality carbide machining in China.

  • 3 types of materials for wire drawing dies

    During the wire drawing process, the dies experience significant friction, especially when drawing fine wires at high speeds. This leads to rapid wear of the drawing dies, necessitating materials with […]


  • Introduction to the structure of carbide wire drawing dies

    Wire drawing dies are molds used for drawing metal wires or optical fibers. The metal is pulled through the die, reducing its size and shaping it into wires of various […]


  • carbide wire drawing die
  • Selection of tungsten carbide wire drawing die materials

    Wire drawing dies, made of tungsten carbide, are tools used for drawing steel wires. They consist of a die blank and a die case. The quality of wire drawing dies, […]


  • Carbide wire drawing die
  • Carbide wire drawing die

    Low-priced China supplier. Tungsten carbide wire drawing dies processing factory, 0.06mm hole with a thickness of 0.6mm. High quality, fast delivery.


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