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  • Analysis of quality of tungsten carbide (wc) in electrolysis

    The main factor influencing the quality of tungsten carbide WC in electrolysis products is the impurity content. 1. The main reason for high levels of Sn and Cu impurities is […]


  • waste tungsten carbide alloy
  • Performance of tungsten carbide recycling

    The pure tungsten carbide fragments recovered using waste hard alloy anvils are subjected to ball milling and sieving through an 80-mesh (180 μm) screen for particle size composition and distribution […]


  • Electrolytic and zinc smelting method for tungsten carbide recycling

    Electrolytic Method. The electrolytic method is a process that utilizes the difference in electrode potentials of various components within tungsten-containing waste materials in an electrolyte solution to selectively or entirely […]


  • Scrap tungsten carbide
  • Oxidation method for recycling tungsten carbide

    Approximately one-third of tungsten demand comes from tungsten-containing waste. Due to the diverse types of tungsten-containing waste materials, there are various methods for recycling. The commonly used methods include oxidation, […]


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