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profile grinding processing

Custom profile grinding machining service

Custom profile grinding carbide part punch die manufacturer. High quality machining company in China buys custom PG grinding services. Accuracy ±0.001mm.

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It is usually used to process some radians and special shapes of the head, which has higher processing accuracy. The processing accuracy is ±0.001mm, the minimum size unit of the machine is 0.0001mm, the minimum inner R angle of processing is R0.02, the outer R angle is R0.015, and the thinnest part of the special-shaped punch can reach 0.06mm. The processed groove width/depth = 1/2.

profile grinding processing

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Carbide profile grinding machine processing

Optical curve grinding PG is to carry out shape grinding on the optical curve grinding machine. It uses the optical projection magnification system to enlarge the image of the workpiece on the screen, compare it with the enlarged image of the workpiece clamped on the screen, and operate the grinding wheel to grind the workpiece during processing, Grind off the part that crosses the graph line until all the round deer of the object image are re-set.

Yize Mold is a professional tungsten carbide processing manufacturer. We use profile grinding to process carbide wear-resistant parts, carbide punches, carbide components and other special-shaped products. Cooperate with CNC, various grinding machines, electric discharge, etc., to provide customers with the whole process of hard alloy processing, and have perfect testing equipment and standards, welcome to consult.

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